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Florists New Zealand - White Dream TulipsFlorists New Zealand vs Interflora.  Whats the difference?

Over the years Inter Flora and Tele Flora have provided a very valuable service to customers.  This service has allowed friends and family the facility to send flowers across the world, effortlessly.

Before the internet, this was the usual way to do business whether sending flowers to New Zealand or any other country.  But the world has changed when it comes to dealing with florists.

Sending flowers from a multitude of florists is now a reality…and it can be done from any location, anywhere.

The ability to select a boutique florist like Florists New Zealand and Wildpoppies has great advantages for the average customer.  These advantages mean that access to a higher level of quality and service can now be accessed…for the same money (or even less) than choosing a florist service such as Interflora.

Florists New Zealand:  Why Choose Us?

Benefits of choosing a specialist online florist such as Florists New Zealand include:

  • Better value.  You are not paying extra commission to a florist organisation just for the right to send flowers to New Zealand (or any other international destination).
  • You get greater control.  You can get a good feel for who you are dealing with.  You can check out the florists testimonials and know that you’re dealing with a real person.
  • You can gain confidence knowing that you’re dealing with a real business with an established presence.
  • You get personal service with attention to detail that is specific to your flower or gift order.  If required, you can make a telephone call and speak to a professional florist – who can answer specific questions and help with any concerns.

Other specific benefits of using Florists New Zealand include accessing the passion, care and reputaion that only comes from an established and successful online florist.  That care and attention truly costs no more!

When it comes to New Zealand flowers, the product from Florists New Zealand are chosen from the largest markets operating in New Zealand and sourced from the best NZ growers.  This means freshness, quality and because of our size – value – are always part of what we offer.

Flower selection as well as price is always a factor for our international clients.  So with over 300 products to choose from and the ability to guarantee 100% of our work that send out on behalf of international customers…Florists New Zealand is able to offer a better value service than any competitor.  It’s a big claim, but we know this to be true!

Style, flower and seasonal trends are very much part of the boutique florist experience.  It’s this added value that you pay no more for that puts Florists New Zealand ahead of the pack.

Go ahead and give us a try.  At Florists New Zealand and Wildpoppies, we have delighted many thousands of clients from all around the world especially from the UK, Australia, Canada and the US.

It costs no more to use a specialist, reliable NZ based florist.

Yes, global flower networks have in the past provided good service, but now there are other alternatives available, that in the opinion of our customers, provide a better level of service.

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